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Sakihara Seicha was founded in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, in 1954. We operate our tea business in the Sendai Plain of Kagoshima Prefecture. At that time, there were hardly any tea plantations in the Sendai Plain. Our founder, Hiroshi Sakihara, began cultivating this land. Since then, we have been making tea consistently from cultivation to blending, taking advantage of our environment blessed with rich water and soil.

Please enjoy a cup of tea filled with Sakihara Seicha's commitment.


President Kazuhiro Sakihara

Thank you for visiting our website. I am Kazuhiro Sakihara, President of Sakihara Seicha. At our tea farm, we do everything ourselves, from growing tea leaves to manufacturing tea, blending, and making products, without any third party involvement.

The reason is that we aim to provide 'a cup of tea that satisfies our customers' and 'the finest tea that meets our own standards'. We hope people around the world can enjoy the 'world of tea' as envisioned by Sakihara Seicha.

President Kazuhiro Sakihara

Sakihara Seicha's Tea Making


The Sendai River, the second largest river in the Kyushu region of Japan. The Sendai Plain, which spreads out in its lower reaches, experiences significant temperature variations between day and night, making it an ideal environment for tea cultivation. Sakihara Tea is a tea company in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, that consistently handles everything from the cultivation of tea leaves to the production of crude tea, blending, and sales.

Since its establishment, Sakihara Seicha has insisted on consistent cultivation and tea production in-house.
What we value the most is to produce tea that we are satisfied with and can deliver to our customers with confidence.

Good quality tea leaves are essential for delicious tea. Sakihara Seicha grows nine varieties of tea leaves using organic fertilizers on two of its own farms, each with its own unique soil and climate. In addition to ordinary green teas, we are also engaged in the production of new teas such as Black Tea, Oolong Tea, and Pu-erh Tea fermented with Koji, malted rice for Shochu (distilled spirit).

We are constantly making new attempts to create the "Best Cup of Tea". We spare no effort and ingenuity in order to continue to deliver teas that our customers are satisfied with.

History of Sakihara Seicha

History of Sakihara Seicha 1
History of Sakihara Seicha 2
History of Sakihara Seicha 3

The journey of tea-making at Sakihara Tea began in the Sendai Plain, blessed with water and soil. Here is the history of Sakihara Seicha.

1951The predecessor, Hiroshi Sakihara, cultivated the tea fields and laid the foundation for Sakihara Seicha.
1954Sakihara Seicha Company founded.
1985The second generation, Kazuhiro Sakihara, acquired specialized tea-making skills and joined Sakihara Seicha.
1998Retirement of predecessor
The second generation took over Sakihara Seicha.
2012The third generation, Hiraku Sakihara, joined Sakihara Seicha.
2021Acquired the international standard ISO22000 certification for food safety management.

We have obtained ISO22000 certification.

Corporate Information

Sakihara Seicha has a store and factory in Godai-cho near the Sendai River.

Corporate Information
Company NameSakihara Seicha(崎原製茶)
RepresentativeSakihara Kazuhiro(崎原 一博)
Location471-1 Godai-cho, Satsumasendai-shi, Kagoshima, Japan
zip code: 895-0066
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Business Hours9:00~17:00(JST)
(Closed:Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)